Reflections at the Three Year Anniversary

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Join us for a moment of reflection, and the Ratchett 33 Challenge

As we approach the anniversary of Rachet 33’s accident, we as a foundation and as friends and family of Nick, Ryan, Justin and Julian, can’t help but pause to reflect upon the past year. We think about what has changed, and what hasn’t; what significant milestone any one of our guys wasn’t able to reach with us and, conversely, what events and opportunities we have humbly participated in on their behalf.

What stands out as most significant this year are all the people who have become such an important part of this journey with us. Each friend we have met over the last three years who has shared with us stories about each of our guys holds a special place in our hearts. Just as each mother, father, sister, brother, spouse, child or girlfriend we’ve met who shares in our heartbreak, having also lost a friend, spouse, parent, sibling, child or loved one in any of the ongoing conflicts.

Equally important to us is each and every person who has participated in one of our fundraisers, enabling us to continue to touch and impact the lives of future leaders in Nick’s honor. And we would be remiss not to mention all those that we have had the opportunity to bring into our foundation family through our annual birthday grant and the Nicholas Whitlock Leadership Scholarship programs.  

As we do each year, we’d like to invite you to join us tomorrow, February 18th, as we pause wherever we are at 11:19 EST (the moment Nick, Ryan, Justin and Julian’s plane when down three years ago), for a moment of silence to remember the impact these great men have had on all of us.

We would also like to encourage you to consider joining us in a new challenge this year – the Ratchet 33 Challenge. The challenge is simple; sometime before the end of this month (February), we ask you to do one thing to honor the memory of the heroes of Ratchet 33. This can be anything – large or small – so long as it honors the lives of Nick, Ryan, Justin and Julian.  We look forward to hearing about what you do as part of the #Ratchet33Challenge.